Shetland may not seem that big and although it won't take too long to drive from end to end of the main island, there is so much to see in between.  Whether your interests are geology, archaeology, nature or wildlife you'll find them all in abundance.  With over 1600 miles of superb coastline walking is also very popular around our islands - not only will you have amazing sea views but there are many little treasures to explore on land also.   

Places not be missed include the breathtaking cliffs at Eshaness and the world class sand tombolo at St Ninian's.  Our many archaeological sites such as Jarlshof and Mousa Broch are also well worth exploring and give a great insight into our 6000 years of history.  Shetland has managed to secure Geopark status since 2009 and much work has gone into educating people about our geological journey.  You can plan your geological itinerary here.

Shetland has a number of visitor attractions all of which are unique and well worth visiting.  In addition, some of them double up as local information points where you can pick up leaflets about the area and speak to the staff who will be more than happy to suggest other sites of interest in the area.

Island hopping is also highly recommended as many of our 15 inhabited islands can be reached by either bridge or inter-island ferry. Each island has it's own individual characteristics but one thing they have in common is community spirit.  We'd certainly suggest building in a few days to drive around the different islands.

For those who enjoy the culinary side of travelling, Shetland will not disappoint.  We are very proud of our produce and celebrate everything Shetland has to offer.  Whether it’s fresh Shetland meat or seafood, delicious chocolate and baked goods or a refreshing Shetland beer there’s definitely something for everyone.

Our events calendar is full of a variety of different events and activities throughout the year.  Our Viking festival, Up Helly Aa remains very popular year upon year but other events such as Shetland Wool Week are also very well attended.  Or if music is your thing, why not time a visit during the Shetland Folk Festival or the Shetland Fiddle and Accordion Festival.

Below is a list of other websites we think are worthwhile visiting to find out more about Shetland.

If you are interested in boating tours we highly recommend Seabirds and Seals who operate daily sailings departing from Lerwick throughout the summer.